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2023: ” You’re Hoarding Fuel, New Naira notes, but we will vote and we will win” – Bola Tinubu

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Wednesday accused President Buhari’s administration of using the raging fuel scarcity and recently-introduced naira notes and cash handling policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to stop his chances at the next month presidential election in Nigeria.

Bola Tinubu said, “You’re hoarding fuel and hoarding the naira,”  “Still, we will vote, and we will win this election.”

Mr Tinubu said during a campaign stop in Abeokuta this afternoon.

“Whether you change the ink of the naira or spend money till you are in debt, things won’t turn out as you hope, we are the ones who will win the election, and our opponents will fail,” Mr Tinubu said.

Mr Tinubu said the government’s plan to remove subsidies and increase in fuel prices are tactics to scare the voters, promising a reduced price at the pump if elected on February 25.

“They want to put their caps on their waist, they are planning to increase the price of fuel, don’t be worried, we will bring it down. They don’t want the election to hold, but will you let them?” he asked rhetorically.

“They think they can cause panic, the sabotaged fuel supply, whether there are means on vehicular movement or not, on election day, we will go and vote, and we will win,” he added.


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