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American actress Anne Heche taken off life support, nine days after suffering severe injuries in a fiery car crash

American Actress Anne Heche has been taken off life support after health officials found suitable organ recipients.

On August 5, the actress 53, spent a week on life support following a crash in which she swerved her blue Mini Cooper into a home in Los Angeles, and suffered a severe anoxic brain injury and lung damage from smoke inhalation.

Heche was pronounced brain dead on Friday, one week after the crash, which in California means a person has died, though she was kept on life support to preserve her organs while authorities worked to find people who could use them.

Over the weekend, surgeons removed multiple organs, unnamed sources told TMZ on Sunday, though they did not reveal which ones or how many.

As a result, TMZ reported, Heche was scheduled to be taken off of life support on Sunday, more than one week after she stayed in her fiery car for half an hour while 59 firefighters tried to rescue her.

Heche is survived by her sons Homer and Atlas.



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