Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Amnesty International Says Lai Mohammed’s Denial Of Lagos #EndSARS Panel Report “not surprising”

Amnesty International said Tuesday it was not surprising that the government had denied the Lekki Tollgate incident.

Amnesty International Nigeria National Director Osai Ojigho made the announcement when she responded to the federal government’s comment on the Lagos Committee of Inquiry report #EndSARS on a television broadcast by Channels.

Criticizing the government’s rejection of the report,  the director asked the federal government to review the evidence he presented.

Amnesty International also called for an investigation into all # EndSARS protests across the country, not just the Lekki Tollgate incident.

She said, “I think the first thing is for us to establish the fact that there are different layers of government. So what has been presented to the Lagos State Government, as we all know, is easy for the governments to communicate with themselves across board.

“I think the minister, with his position in government, should liaise with the state authorities to clarify or check information with regards to the panel’s work.

“That would have been an ideal step, and to allow the state government to carry out its task in this regard. It is not surprising for us at Amnesty International that the minister, Lai Mohammed, continues to deny that unfortunate incident that happened on October 20, 2020, at the Lekki Tollgate.

“We have seen in the last one year the constant attacks, the constant narrative that is geared toward gas-lighting the victims, survivors, and witnesses, and creates an impression that people are just up to no good.”