Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Anambra State Government Temporarily shuts down hotel over sex party

The Anambra State Government has suspended operations in a section of Wintess Garden Annex in Awka, the state capital, where a sex party was allegedly held last weekend.

Viral videos circulated on the internet of a party held in Wintess Garden Annex, Ifite Awka, saw participants having sex among themselves.

Mr Donatus Onyenji, Commissioner for Culture, Entertainment, and Tourism who signed a sealing order said the action was to enable government and security agencies to conduct further investigation on the matter.

Onyenji said the closure was in line with the Anambra State Tourism and Hospitality Law of 2016.

Part of the letter to the hotel read: “Our attention has been drawn to the social media video of live sex and pornographic content (sex party) conducted on 3rd September at an open place in your hotel/facility.

“This and other such indecent operational standard and unholy acts of public show of indecency must not be allowed in any hotel in Anambra.

“Government of Anambra hereby directs the management of Wintess Garden Hotel to shut-down operations pending further investigations and review of the application.”


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