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Bandit Warlords of Zamfara: You are becoming a tool for terrorists — Kadaria Ahmed lams BBC over Documentary

Nigerian Journalist and the CEO of Radio Now 95.3FM Lagos, Kadaria Ahmed has described a recent BBC Documentary as “irresponsible reporting”.

In a 50-minute documentary titled ‘The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara’, published three days ago, the BBC Africa Eye provides insight into the mindset of bandit kingpins, the booming kidnap-for-ransom industry, and how Zamfara’s insecurity may have been brought on by the ethnic conflict between Hausa and Fulani groups.

In an opinion article Published on Thursday, Ahmed said the BBC documentary fell below journalism best practices and is against public interest.

She said the BBC Africa Eye may be charged with aiding terrorism because it “provided” a platform for terrorists to express their extreme views.

According to the media expert, the BBC cannot use its airwaves to provide voice to terrorists who are attacking UK residents because doing so will elicit public outrage with legal repercussions.

“Journalists and now a global media organisation of repute, the BBC, which should know better, are becoming a tool for terrorists, even if unwittingly, by amplifying the faces, voices and stories of killers and marauders who are still operating with impunity across Nigeria,” she wrote.


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