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Catholic priest Thomas Muhosha jailed for 30 years for murdering albino man in Malawi

Malawi Catholic priest Thomas Muhosha and several other men have been jailed for 30 years in Prison over the killing of MacDonald Masambuka, 22, who had albinism.

A Malawi court on Monday sentenced the priest to 30 years in prison over the gruesome 2018 murder of Masambuka, whose body parts he had also planned to sell.

Judge Dorothy NyaKaunda Kamanga said Thomas Muhosha had planned to traffic 22-year-old MacDonald Masambuka’s tissue.

Mr Masambuka was violently killed in a graveyard after being told by people close to him that they had found him a potential wife and he should meet her.

He was reported missing in February 2018 and his body was discovered a month later, with the legs and arms had been removed.

Malawi is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for people with albinism, a lack of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes, because their body parts are used in magical potions and other ritual practices.

In total, five people were jailed for life for murdering the man including his own brother.

Along with the priest, four others received a lesser sentence of 30 years in prison.

The offence was motivated by the disability of the deceased, that of albinism,’ she said in a ruling handed down in the city of Blantyre.

She said the priest, who led a parish in Machinga, 100 kilometers northeast of the country’s second city Blantyre, had breached the trust many had placed in him.

The killing occurred at the height of a spree that saw over 40 people with albinism murdered and scores of others assaulted.

‘The convicts took advantage of the deceased’s psychological need for love,’ the judge said.

‘They lured him into believing that they had found a prospective wife for him and that they should go and meet her – that ended up being his death trap.’

A total of 12 people were handed various sentences for the killing.



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