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Exorbitant cost of diesel to transport Petroleum products responsible for Fuel Scarcity – Distributors

The Association of Distributors and Transporters of Petroleum Products (ADITOP) says the high cost of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) used by petroleum tankers and the low freight rate are responsible for current fuel scarcity in Abuja.

The AGO, popularly called diesel is currently being sold at N700 per litre against N290 per litre it was previously sold.

Alhaji Lawal Danzaki, ADITOP President, told NAN news in Abuja on Wednesday that transporters could not afford the exorbitant diesel to fuel trucks for PMS transportation.

Danzaki told NAN that though the NNPC Ltd. had sufficient PMS in Lagos depot but petrol tankers and marketers lacked diesel to fuel their trucks to bring the products, which resulted to the shortage of fuel being experienced now.

He said that the transporters were at loss and could not maintain their trucks by fuelling their tankers with such high cost of diesel.

He said due to the current development, transporters and tanker owners were finding it difficult to fuel their trucks to transport PMS to various parts of the country.

Danzaki noted that the PMS was available at the Lagos depot.

The ADITOP boss explained that the high cost of AGO was as a result of the global oil distortion being experienced due to Ukraine and Russia crisis.

He listed the devaluation of naira as another factor contributing to the high cost and shortage of diesel, which was a deregulated product.

“The marketers who are importing the diesel are getting their dollars from black market, so they are buying it at high price and the price of crude have gone up, so they buy the refined one at high rate.

“The NNPC has to import in abundance and give us an affordable quantity of diesel to fuel our tankers, then we will bring petrol from Lagos to any part of the nation.

“This scarcity started in Abuja because Abuja consume a lot of fuel more than any other state.

“The four towns that consume fuel a lot are Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Kano.

“Abuja is facing this problem because a lot of fuel is being pushed to Abuja because of high demand, that is why you see queues of almost two kilometres in fuel stations,” he added.


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