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Footballer, Pablo Mari expected to miss two months after Surgery on knife wounds he sustained in the attack in Milan

Arsenal Defender, Pablo Marí will be sidelined for around two months after having surgery on wounds he sustained when he was stabbed in an Italian supermarket.

Milan’s Niguarda hospital said it performed surgery to reconstruct two injured muscles in Marí’s back.

Italy’s Carabinieri police said a 47-year-old supermarket employee was killed in Thursday’s attack.

The Footballer has spoken after being stabbed during an attack in an Italian supermarket that left one man dead.

Speaking on Thursday after the incident, he told Italian media: “Today I was lucky, because I saw a person die in front of me.”

A male supermarket cashier, thought to be in his 30s, was killed in the attack, according to reports. Three other people were taken to hospital and one was injured but did not require treatment.

Mari, 29, was shopping with his wife and son at the Assago shopping centre near Milan when a man attacked six people with a knife from the shelves on Thursday.

He suffered knife wounds and was taken to hospital where he is understood to be conscious, in a non-serious condition, and awaiting surgery to reduce muscle damage to his back.

He is currently on loan at Serie A side Monza, who have asked for their next game against Bologna to be postponed due to their “shock” over the news.

The 46-year-old suspect, believed to be suffering from mental health problems, was arrested.



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