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Former Playboy model Kelsey Turner sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing 71-year-old doctor

A former model, Kelsey Turner, 29, has been jailed for her role in the murder of Californian psychiatrist, Dr Thomas Burchard, 71, and stuffing his body in the trunk of a car after he stopped paying her rent.

Turner, who has posed for both Playboy and Maxim has been sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison, reports Daily Mail, UK.

According to reports, Turner had two months ago confessed to the murder of Burchard. Turner and then boyfriend Jon Kennison arrested in 2019 for the crime were said to have bludgeoned Burchard to death with a bat on a deserted road in Nevada.

Investigators said that Turner and Burchard at some point before his death began dating, and entered an arrangement where the psychiatrist was paying her rent for at least a year.

When the payments suddenly stopped in November 2019, Burchard travelled from California to Vegas to tell Turner that he could no longer foot the bill, which led to a physical altercation on a deserted road in rural Nevada.


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