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Former UN worker given 15 years in prison for 13 rapes

Karim Elkoran, a former United Nations employee who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting nine women was sentenced in New York City to 15 years in prison this week as his victims spoke out in court and blasted him for the crimes.

According to New York Post, Karim Elkorany, 39, was given the maximum plea deal sentence of 15 years in prison by United States District Judge Naomi Buchwald shortly after nine of the former United Nations employee’s thirteen rape victims spoke out on the crimes in court.

“His crime destroyed my life, and I’ve spent the last six years trying to rebuild it, piece by painstaking piece,” the first woman, identified as “Victim 1” told the court.

“There is no part of me that has gone untouched,” victim 1 added, occasionally wiping tears from her eyes. “The trauma I experienced as a result of the assault spread like cancer into every corner of my life, and I am still discovering areas it infected.”

Elkorany, a former communications specialist and a UNICEF worker with the United Nations, admitted to drugging 20 victims and sexually assaulting thirteen of them between 2005 and 2016 in Iraq, Egypt and the United States, according to a Statement from the Southern District of New York.



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