Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Francia Marquez becomes Colombia’s First Black Woman Vice President

Francia Márquez, an environmental activist from southwestern Colombia, has become the first Black vice president on Sunday, as the running mate to Gustavo Petro.

The Petro-Márquez ticket won Sunday’s runoff election, according to preliminary results. Mr. Petro, a former rebel and longtime legislator, will become the country’s first leftist president.

Ms. Márquez is significant not only because she is Black in a nation where Afro-Colombians are regularly subject to racism and must contend with structural barriers, but because she comes from poverty in a country where economic class so often defines a person’s place in society.

She grew up sleeping on a dirt floor in a region battered by violence related to the country’s long internal conflict. She became pregnant at 16, went to work in the local gold mines to support her child, and eventually sought work as a live-in maid.

Ms. Márquez is the champion  of Colombians who are clamoring for change and for more diverse representation


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