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Ghanaian Youths of these Days, Sleep too much, a Serious Problem for the Country – Dr Daniel McKorley , CEO McDan Laments

Dr. Daniel McKorley, the Chief Executive Officer of the McDan Group of Companies has lamented the lack of seriousness by the Ghanaian youth.

He said the country is not developing at the pace it should because the youth of today are not hardworking enough.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Wednesday, he explained that the current hindrance to excelling is because they [the youth] “sleep too much”.

“The youth of these days sleep too much and that is the problem and we have been treated with kids’ gloves and this whole country, especially the youth, is becoming a begging nation and we have to get rid of that,” he said.

“There are so many opportunities out there, there are so many things the youth can do but they need to push themselves one step higher and also know that manna will not come from heaven. You need to take a step before you can make it,” he said.

“Too much money around the system, but the youth are confused about how to grab those monies. There are times they tend to look at the wrong angles and that is a problem” he added.

He said the many opportunities to make money required hard work and therefore urged the youth to go the extra mile.

SourceJoy FM


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