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Governor Wike Accuses PDP Leaders of Anti-Party Activities

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has promised to “hit back” at the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over anti-party activities.

Wike stated this at the PDP Etche Local Government Area (LGA) campaign rally in Rivers State on Monday

He accused the National Working Committee of the party of colluding with the opposition in the state.

“Those of them in Abuja that are talking about anti-party [activities], we have caught them now. They are the ones doing their anti-party [activities],” he said.

“I have caught them now and I told them anti-party begets anti-party. You know we carried these small parties to court for failing to do what the law says – APC, SDP.

“The people in Abuja that say they are national have gone to collude with them to write our lawyer a letter that they should take their hands off, in order to kill the cases we filed.”

“I will hit them back by tomorrow,” Wike said. “There is nobody that touches us that will not get a wound on his body. Anybody that says he will touch us in Rivers State, I will give him many wounds on his body – and we have started it.

“We are voting for our people here. Now [that] you have told us you are doing anti-party [activities], we’ll show you what anti-party [activity] is. We have caught them red-handed. They are the ones that started anti-party [activities].

“We didn’t do anti-party [activities]. Anyway, it has been in their blood. Now, they have shown their hands. You people should just watch from tomorrow what will happen to them.”

“Don’t cry when armed robbers catch them because we will teach armed robbers a lesson. We will deal with armed robbers so that they will know it’s not good to steal other people’s things. That’s how we will deal with them tomorrow,” he said.

“So, Chief Emma Anyanwu, Allwell Onyesoh, Kelechi, [and the] party chairman, all of them will start work to tell you what we have agreed. Anything they say is our agreement, that is what we agreed. Heaven will not fall.

“These few days that remain, it’s a battle to the finish. If you say we won’t be there, you won’t be there either,” he said.


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