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Indian soldier killed for protesting against teenage daughter’s viral video

Police in the western Indian state of Gujarat has arrested seven people for allegedly beating a soldier Melaji Vaghela to death.

Vaghela was attacked after he protested against a video of his teenage daughter being posted online, according to the police complaint.

The complaint says the video went viral after it was uploaded.

The alleged attackers are family members of a teenage boy whom Vaghela accused of uploading the video. Vaghela’s wife and son were also injured in the attack.

The victim worked with India’s Border Security Force.

According to the police complaint, which was filed by Vaghela’s wife Manjula, the attack occurred on Saturday night in Kheda district in Gujarat.

Vaghela, his wife, two sons and nephew had gone to the teenage boy’s house to complain against him for allegedly uploading a video of the girl. Several news reports have described the video as “obscene”, but the BBC has not been able to confirm this.

According to the police complaint, the discussion escalated into a fight and the boy’s relatives attacked Vaghela and his family with “wooden sticks” and “sharp objects”.

Vaghela was seriously injured and died immediately. One of his sons is in hospital with head injuries.

Police have filed charges including murder against the seven accused. They were sent to judicial custody on Monday and have not made a statement yet.


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