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Kenyan Mother burns 9-year-old son’s hand for stealing her money

A Kenyan mother has been accused of burning her 9-year-old son’s hand for allegedly stealing her Sh50.

The 9-year-old boy who is currently receiving treatment at Ndhiwa Sub-County Hospital has been identified as Polycarp Otieno Odhul and it was gathered that the incident occurred at the Lower Kayambo location within Ndhiwa Sub-County.

The area senior chief Cyprian Obonyo said that he received the information from vigilant members of the community who noticed bruises on the hands of the minor.

Obonyo revealed that the woman who sells clothes at Ndhiwa market decided to hide her son for almost one week after the incident.

He said;

“Upon receiving the information, I immediately made an urgent move to the location and found that the boy had been hidden by the mother for almost a week.“

The Chief said the boy confessed that the mother tied his two hands, poured paraffin and then lit them on fire. He added that the boy’s hands had started rotting by the time he reached the homestead and he had to rush the duo to the police station, after which the boy was taken to the hospital.

Obonyo said; “The boy’s hands had begun to rot due to lack of treatment because the mother had confined him in the house.”

Despite the boy’s mother having a 3-month-old infant, the chief said that the law has to take its course.


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