Monday, November 28, 2022
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Lady Allegedly Stabs Married Lover to death in Edo State

A Delta state lady, identified only as Gift has been arrested for fatally stabbing her lover, Eghosa after he caught her cheating on him with another guy.

According to information obtained, the event occurred on Monday, October 24 at Imafidon Street in Egor, Benin, Edo State.

According to a source, the incident took place when the deceased confronted her over seeing her with another man at his house.

According to an Eyewitness, She had visited his compound to see another man and she was caught. Eghosa accosted her and it led to an argument. Before eyewitnesses knew what was happening, she picked up a knife from his kitchen and stabbed him in the neck. He passed on and she was almost sent to hell’s gate by neighbors who saw what had happened.”

“The irate eyewitnesses handed her over to security personnel while the deceased’s corpse was moved to the morgue”.

The 26-year-old lady claimed the deceased identified as Eghosa came to fight her after he saw her with ‘another person.’

“As he see me with another person, he came to fight me for that person house.” she said.


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