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Liz Truss resigns as UK prime minister after 44 days in Office

United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Liz Truss has resigned just 44 days after taking over from Boris Johnson.

She will be the shortest-serving prime minister in history.

There has been much speculation about who could replace Ms Truss, with new chancellor Jeremy Hunt one of the main names being suggested.

Truss resigned Thursday, bowing to the inevitable after a tumultuous, short-lived term in which her policies triggered turmoil in financial markets and a rebellion in her party that obliterated her authority.

Making a hastily scheduled statement outside her 10 Downing Street office, Truss acknowledged that “I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

Hers is the third resignation by a Conservative prime minister in as many years and leaves a divided party seeking a leader who can unify its warring factions. Truss, who said she will remain in office for a few more days while that process unfolds, has been prime minister for just 45 days.

More details to follow…


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