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Nigerian Man arrested for allegedly Killing his Brother’s Wife, Over Property in Anambra State

One Mr George Okoye from Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra state has been arrested for allegedly killing his brother’s wife over a tussle for property ownership.

According to the report, the suspect led his wife and children into his younger brother, Emenike’s compound to beat him and his wife, Nkiru.

While Emenike reportedly survived the beating with a broken hand, a fractured waist and other injuries, his wife was not so lucky as she allegedly died from the beating.

Emenike who was still recuperating in a hospital told journalists on Sunday that his brother’s attack on his family led to the death of his wife on July 19, 2022.

According to him, after his brother and some thugs beat them up, they ran away thinking he was dead.

Though the suspect, Mr George Okoye has been arrested and currently in police custody, the whereabouts of his wife, Mrs Uzonna Okoye, twin daughters and son, Somtochukwu Okoye who allegedly participated in the beating are still unknown.

While narrating the incident, Emenike said, “We did not do anything. I was preparing for work that day, and my wife was preparing the children for school and to also travel home for a meeting in Abba, Njikoka Local Government Area, where she is from, when George and his wife, Uzonna and their son, Somtochukwu and twin daughters invaded my house around 7am to 8am.

“They overpowered us, beat us to stupor, and left. Later when my children had gone to school, they returned with some persons and dangerous weapons, including axe.

“They dragged my wife outside the house, hit and killed her with axe and chair. She fell and died. When I resisted their move to drag me outside too, they broke my hand with an axe, dragged me outside; hitting me with the axe all over my body until I passed on.

“You can see the cut on my eyes. They left me, thinking that I was also dead. But God helped me to wake up later. I reported the incident to our local vigilantes and they drove me to hospital.”

The father of five begged for help, and also for justice against his elder brother, whom he said has been at loggerheads with the family over property for several years.

“George, right from when our mother (Mrs Adaoba Okoye) was alive, said he is our landlord. He is not our first born, yet he claims ownership of the entire compound and always fight with all of us.

“I lived and worked overseas, but when the company where I was working folded up, I returned home. We had our first three children overseas, and our last two here (Ogbunike).

“My wife has nothing to do with this. Why kill her for nothing? After we returned home, trouble started. The crisis led to the death of our mother and our eldest brother. He reported us to the kindred, and our property was shared, with him taking the larger part. I took mine without complaining. Later, he started laying claims to my house.”

“He reported me to our kindred but it was settled to my favour. He disagreed and kept on troubling me. When I laid dwarf perimeter fence, he pulled it down, and even reported me to the kindred,” he added.

The Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Tochukwu Ikenga, told newsmen that the suspect had been arrested and an investigation into the matter had commenced.


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