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Nigerian Navy dismisses Officer for attempting to sodomize a Teenager and use of illicit drugs in Delta State

The Nigerian Navy has dismissed one of its personnel, SLT VN Ukpawanne, for allegedly sodomizing an unnamed teenager(boy) and use of illicit drugs in Sapele Delta state.

Ukpawanne was dismissed after he was arraigned before a court-martial set up by the Nigerian Navy in Sapele, Delta State on four counts.

He was found guilty of disobeying standing order, attempting to commit sodomy, disgraceful conduct, and wrong use of drugs.

The statement read in Part: “Sequel to Reference A regarding NHQ approval and Confirmation of Court Martial Punishment for the officer named above who attempted to commit Sodomy amidst other offences on 27 Oct 21 with one teenager, (name withheld), close to Sapele Stadium, On 15 Aug 22 at about 1035, the officer was officially paraded and his sentences were read accordingly.

The officer was awarded a one-year loss of seniority, six months imprisonment, another six months imprisonment, and lastly one-year imprisonment for all four offenses.

The dismissed officer is currently awaiting medical clearance from the Naval Medical Centre before handing over to Sapele Correctional Center for commencement of imprisonment term,” a memo dated August 1.



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