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Officer Sanna Fadera’s sister denies he plotted coup attempt against Gambia Government

The sister of Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera the alleged ringleader of a failed coup attempt in The Gambia has called for his release, saying he was not involved in any plot to remove President Adama Barrow’s government.

Lance Corporal Sanna Fadera was arrested a week ago after the government accused him of masterminding an attempted coup.

Two more officers were detained over the weekend, the government said.

This brings to seven the number of arrests over the alleged plot.

None of the accused has as yet been charged in court.

The eldest sister of the lance-corporal, Alia Fadera in a BBC interview said he could not have plotted a coup, as he was only a medic in the navy with no access to weapons or influence in the military.

“Since my brother’s arrest, we have not heard from him and we are worried,” she added.

Mrs Fadera said the military had detained her brother at his workplace in the capital, Banjul, before bringing him to their village in Kiang Nema, 155km (96 miles) away.

“His house and farm were searched by the military but no weapon was found,” she added.

Mrs Fadera said her brother had lived in the village with his wife and four children, who were devastated by the allegation against him.

He travelled to and from work daily and ran a reptile farm in his spare time.

“The entire village is surprised and when the military truck came, most of the villagers came out to see what was happening. I’m calling on the authorities to release my brother,” Mrs Fadera said.



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