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PHOTOS: Unidentified woman killed by Kaduna-Abuja bound train in Kubwa

A passenger train from Kaduna to Abuja has crushed a middle-aged woman to death on the rail track around the Kubwa area of Abuja, the nation’s Federal Capital Territory.

The incident happened at about 10 am on Thursday.

The woman was said to have had her car windows raised and was playing loud music.

According to NRC officials at the Kubwa train station, the loud music and the raised windows may have prevented her from hearing the oncoming train.

The official however said the accident did not disrupt the train operation.

Confirming the incident, a staff of NRC who did not want his name disclosed said: “The train was coming from Rigasa in Kaduna to Idu in Abuja. The accident happened before passengers alighted at Kubwa station.

“The accident happened due to illegal level-crossing in Byazhin, Kubwa. The vehicles were at a very close range with an oncoming train. One vehicle had passed but the one at the back decided to park and it was at a very close range, so the train hit the car and killed the woman who was the occupant of the car.

“It happened around 09:56 am. The accident did not and will not disrupt our operation because it did not d A source at the Operations unit of the Abuja-Kaduna train service who witnessed the accident said: “There is no perimeter fencing where the accident occurred.

The accident happened at level-crossing point. The road is joined to the track, so cars can pass through that place and the train can also pass.

“The driver of the train knows that place is level-crossing but I think the woman’s windows were raised and I think loud music was playing.

“The train could not apply the emergency brake at that point. If the emergency brake was applied at that point, the lives of so many people on the train would have been endangered.

damage the loco, so the operation continues.”


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