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Police Arrest 4 man Suspected one chance/419 Syndicate in FCT, Rescues Victims, Recover Stolen Items

Operatives of the FCT Police Command attached to the Surveillance Section of the Wuye Division Police Headquarters on Tuesday 30th August 2022, arrested a Four-man suspected One-chance/419 syndicate, rescued a victim, and recovered cash sum of 200, 000 naira on the spot.

The suspected criminals namely Monday James (male), Ubeh Peter(male), Precious Ofili (female), and Rita Nkemjika (female) who have been disturbing Wuye and its neighboring axis in the Territory have since been on the Police watchlist for masterminding and perpetrating series of vehicular Robberies (one chance) and it’s related fraudulently crimes (419) until about 11:30 am of the said day when yet another unsuspecting person walked into their sneer.

The suspects having perfectly executed their criminal enterprise, forcefully pushed the victim out of a fast-moving car when the Operational Assets on surveillance noticed the abnormal and distressed demeanor of the victim, rushed to her aid,and gave the fleeing miscreants a hot- chase.

The hot chase soon attracted the attention of mobs who spread the news of the arrest gathering in their numbers to unleash mayhem on the Suspects.

The Police Tactically effected the arrest of the Suspects but the pressure from the irate crowd resulted in he burning of the exhibit vehicle before the Police could move it down to the station.

In the light of the above, a Preliminary investigation has commenced. The suspects in a voluntary statement admitted to the crimes and added that they have been in the criminal venture f or over five years.

Furthermore, to ensure that members of the public are aware of the existend operations of these criminal elements, it is important to expose their age-long modus operandi as follows; An unsuspecting passenger is first picked along the road.

The passenger is then physically evaluated to see if valuable effects could be collected otherwise, they harsh a plan B to play on the greed and innocence of the victim by saying a huge amount of money is in the boot and needs spiritual intervention for cleansing.

The suspect is promised part of the money only if he or she can provide enough money to secure the services of a spiritualist. To believe this is to have fallen victim to these miscreants.


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