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Rivers State Government Uncovers plot to blackmail Wike

The Rivers State government says it has uncovered plot to blackmail Governor Nyesom Wike and issued a stern warning to a faceless group that is orchestrating a campaign of calumny against the Governor.

Members of the faceless group, described as political detractors, seemed vexed over the role of governor Wike in the collective demand by the five governors (G-5) of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) for fairness, equity and justice in the party.

Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Chris Finebone, who briefed journalists in Port Harcourt, also displayed a well worded document bearing the sinister plot of the group, which was however, not signed.

“This is the evidence of the plot to blackmail Governor Wike. This is the document and it is titled, ‘proposal with hashtag, to end Wike rascality programme.'”

Finebone declared that this development is not totally unexpected by the government and the governor.

What is sad about it, he noted is that those behind it have decided to remain faceless.

“We encouraged them to remove their mask and show themselves as the governor and the government is equal to the task of responding to them adequately.”

The Information and Communications Commissioner pointed out to the fact that the State government already has an idea of the likely identity of the political detractors who are orchestrating the campaign of calumny against governor Wike.

He stated that they are individuals within the party and challenged them to reveal themselves if they are convinced of what they are doing and bold enough for the fight they seek.

“They can’t even sign it (the document) to push for this. It is important we warn them. It is important we also warn Nigerians about this scheme.

“We expect more of them to come. But I can assure you that the governor and the G-5 would rise to the occasion as they continue to start this type of campaign of calumny.”


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