Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Yobe State Government Announces 10% Deduction in workers’ salaries to Boost Education

Yobe State Government has said that 10 percent of workers’ basic salary for November would be deducted as their contribution to the education recovery appeal fund.

The Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Information, and Culture, Mohammed Lamin, who is also chairman of the sub-committee of the Yobe Education Recovery Appeal Fund, announced this on Monday in Damaturu when he briefed journalists.

He said the devastating effects of the Boko Haram uprising in the state forced the state to raise funds to restore education in the state.

The Commissioner also made a passionate appeal to officials, whom he identified as key players, to contribute 10% of their base salary to the achievement of the proposed target.

“It is imperative here to state that, educating our citizens is our collective responsibility as a people. In this regard, apart from reaching out to people outside, the government feels that civil servants in the state should also give their modest contribution to the programme, by contributing 10% of their November 2021 basic salary to the scheme.

“By this briefing, therefore, civil servants are informed that the deduction will be for only the month of November 2021”, he said.

Mohammed Lamin also explained that it is no longer news that the decade-long insurgency has impacted negatively on the entire lives of the citizenry. “The devastating effect it has meted on the state’s education system and structures is overwhelming and must attract the attention of any responsible government”.

He noted that this attracted the compassionate attention of Governor Mai Mala Buni to on assumption of office in 2019, declare a state of emergency on education, after taking the oath of office.

“Gentlemen of the press, some of you have been in the state since the start of the ugly phenomenon called insurgency which has destroyed everything about our educational systems including the psyche of our children and parents.

“Our communities are dotted with destroyed and devastated school-aged children and parents with a lukewarm attitude towards education.

“Similarly, records have not been favourable to the state on the national education index. Yobe has always occupied the low base on the education index. This is not an acceptable profile.

“Thus, the administration of his Excellency, Hon. Mai Mai Mala Buni feels that the right steps must be taken to address this terrible trend in our educational system, hence the declaration of emergency on the education sector and the implementation of subsequent policies and programmes that will bail the state out of this quagmire”, he said.